What size headboard suits my room?

We are often asked about the size of a headboard and what size suits a particular room shape. Here are four things to consider when choosing your upholstered headboard:-

1. The Size of your bed

Conveniently, headboards and bed sizes are standardised. So if you have a double bed then you can buy a double headboard. If you’d prefer an oversized headboard then consider going for a larger sized headboard or contact your manufacturer and ask them to make one to your specifications. Upholstered Headboard

2. The size of the person,

Consider who is using the headboard e.g. Children etc. Children’s headboards can be shorter seen as they are shorter than the adults plus thy tend to opt for 3 ft or 4ft bed sizes.Emma princess bedroom

3. The size of your room

If you only have a small room a low headboard will create more space. The larger the room, the larger your headboards can be without visually swamping the room. A wider bed requires a taller headboard for the design to look proportionate. Vertical Sculptured Headboard

4. Height of your ceilings.

If your ceilings are low in height you should opt for headboards with the standard height of 36” so as not to consume the entire space of your bedroom. Obviously with tall ceilings you could opt for a taller headboard. A good idea is to mark the area where you propose to put the headboard with masking tape to ensure you are happy with the overall height.plain headboard with border and contrast piping

Remember with our Perfect Headboards it is very easy to add an extra 5 or even 10 inches to your headboard to get the desired effect.  A fabulous headboard can give dimension to the entire bedroom. Thanks for reading, Louise