Top 5 Christmas Tips on ‘How to Decorate the Entrance to your Home’

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Think about your hall door and your entrance hall…as the song goes “Deck the Halls with barrels of Holly…”. This really is the area where you can create a good first impression.

Tip 1. Decorate your Front Door

Consider a good wreath…there are so many fabulous wreaths on the market today. If you have the time you could consider making your own or liaising with your local florist to have some input into the design. Another option is to add some soft lights (not coloured) to your wreath or garland as this will enable the door and your fabulous decor to be seen from the road. Take into consideration your architecture, if you have columns at your entrance then why not accentuate them by adding spiraling garland with bright white or gold lights.

what an entrance

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If you’d like to create a more contemporary look then consider adding three wreaths instead of one.

wreath trio

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Tip 2. Decorate your porch and windows

To make extra impact decorate your windows facing the road with either wreaths wrapped in lights hanging from ribbon or Christmas Candleabras for a magical festive look.

Consider using festive lanterns to add some wow factor to your porch…you could use flameless candles to ensure safety

christmas lantern

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wow window

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Tip 3. Dress your Staircase

Showcase your staircase to its best with the addition of a garland or by hanging Christmas Wreaths. Alternatively you could also consider hanging Christmas stockings.

Stairs Garland

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make an entrance

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4. Make a statement and add a Christmas Tree

If you have the space, consider adding a Christmas Tree to your entrance hall. Think carefully about the look you are trying to achieve. Take into consideration the existing room decor and colour scheme and ensure you choose something that complements your room. Plus remember to gift wrap to match your decor…your guests will be so impressed with all that extra detail.

Our Entrance Hall 1

Designed by Louie Higgins of Aspire Design

5. Decorate your console table or fireplace

If you are lucky to have a fireplace in your hall…then this is where you can easily make a good first impression….ensure your fire is lit as this will instantly add warmth and make your guest feel very welcome. Add some festive garland and soft lighting. If you don’t have a fireplace consider decorating  your console table in a similar fashion to create this festive look. Oversized glass vases can look great here filled with coordinating Christmas baubles.

wreath with silver ornaments

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christmas mantle

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Last but not least…that all important aroma…light those Christmas scented candles of mulled wine, cinnamon or cloves and watch as your guests feel instantly at home…

christmas entracne hall

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