Our Top 5 Tips to help you choose the ‘Perfect Headboard’

As we spend more time in our bedroom than any other room in our home its of the utmost importance that we make is as comfortable and personable as possible. You bedroom should reflect your personality and taste, yet be conducive to sleep.

Here are my Top 5 Tips to ensure you choose the right upholstered headboard for you bedroom.

1) Take into account the style of the room. Is it traditional or is it contemporary….the style of room will determine the style of headboard you should go for. If its a new bedroom design think about the style you want to achieve e.g. classical, contemporary, minimalist etc

Our Deep Buttoned Headboard by Perfect Headboards

Our Deep Buttoned Headboard by Perfect Headboards

 2) Take into the account the person that’s using the bedroom? For example a childrens bedroom will require a different headboard to that chosen for a Master Bedroom. Remember that as all our headboards are made to order this is an opportunity for you to reflect your childs taste and style to create something truly original.

Princess Crown Headboard By Perfect Headboards

3) Also take into account the use of headboard. Questions to ask are, will it be a shared headboard?  is there an avid reader who wants to sit up against the headboard and therefore requires extra comfort?

Square Panelled Shared Headboard By Perfect Headboards

Consider other items in the room. Is there a TV, if so you will more than likely want to sit up in bed to watch it and once again comfort is of the utmost importance?

Classic Headboard with Raised Border By Perfect Headboards

4) Take into account the height of your ceilings and the size of your room…an over sized headboard may not suit your small room.

Custom Headboard By Perfect Headboards

Custom Headboard
By Perfect Headboards

 5) Lastly you need to think about the fabric you would like to use for your headboard. Again think about the style you are trying to achieve and how often the bedroom is used. For example a Guest Bedroom used only occasionally would look great in a delicate fabric, whilst a headboard used in a childs room may be better with a washable leatherette.

Likewise a traditional bedroom would look stunning with one of our linen fabrics whilst a luxurious bedroom would look fabulous in one of our stunning velvet fabrics.

Embroidered Style Headboard By Perfect Headboards

Embroidered Style Headboard
By Perfect Headboards

Cubed Headboard with Washable Leatherette By Perfect headboards

Lastly, It’s important to remember that all our headboards are made to order so we can modify any of our designs to your specific requirements in terms of design, style and fabric.

I hope you found the advice above useful…if you do decide to order a headboard with ‘Perfect Headboards’ you can simply log onto www.perfectheadboards.ie, website ‘Click’ on the design you like on the home page, then ‘Click’ on your bed size and you will be shown all the fabrics available and the cost of your headboard. You can add the headboard to your shopping cart or decide to add some of our optional extras e.g. extra height, stain guard etc.

We also have fabric samples available through our website to ensure you make an informed decision. You are also more than welcome to make an appointment to call to our studio where you can see some of the headboards and fabrics in person. Plus we have a stunning range of art Panel Headboards by Voyage available to view in our studio.

Jadu Painterly Finish Art Panel Headboard Available from Perfect Headboards

Jadu Painterly Finish Art Panel Headboard
Available from Perfect Headboards

Moorland Stag Art Panel headboard Available from Perfect Headboards


Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call me on 0863999926 and I’ll be glad to assist you with choosing your ‘Perfect Headboard’ For our full range of headboard designs see http://www.perfectheadboards.ie/ Thanks, Louise :)

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